New Projects

Nature in the Metaverse


A truly multi-disciplinary effort! Collaborating with PunyHuman and LEVR this project involves everyone from 3D modelers to immersive filmmakers, data scientists to tree experts.

The mission: design scientifically-certified digital trees and develop a virtual “tree theater” for exhibition in museums, universities, etc…

Scott Schneider (@scottaschneider) | Twitter

Immersive Media Festival

In partnership with LEVR Studios & Augmentality Labs we produced an immersive media festival featuring 10+ VR/AR experiences from 360ยบ cinema experiences to full interactive art exhibits.


The Future of Storytelling

A podcast exploring the future of storytelling with filmmakers, game designers, musicians, and VR developers.

Hosted by Marco DiGeorge and Derek Alan Rowe (from the D.O.C) 

  • David Nixon: Veteran film producer and director; owner of DNP Studios
  • DiViNCi & Swamburger: Producers/Musicians from SOLILLAQUISTS OF SOUND
  • Kunal Patel: Game developer; founder of Game Space Orlando and Indie Nomicon